Are you looking for quietness, without artificial sounds and lights – just peaceful, slow down, listen to yourself? Adventure and freedom – is this the Yukon you are dreaming of? The incredible vastness of the land, exploring this original, challenging and wild land?

Are you fascinated by its untouched nature? The countless mountains, the many crystal-clear lakes and rivers, the clean and fresh air, the vast forests, the variety of animals and plants?

Would you like to get to know Yukon’s North – where no road leads to? Where the First Nations still largely live off fishing and hunting?

Do you want to try out your backwoods skills – and explore new experiences, out there in the harsh wilderness of the Yukon?

Come alone; come with your partner, your family and your friends – we from A Taste of Yukon Adventures Inc. provide authentic, unforgettable Yukon adventures, put together individually, be it for a day or for a few weeks.

Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.

We provide individual advice, planning and implementation of Yukon adventures in summer and in winter. Your wishes, your dreams and your timetable are our guidelines for your Yukon vacation.

With us, you can try out your Yukon dream - with authentic tasters of fascinating Yukon experiences here in this incredible vastness - and with great photos to take home! Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or do not have any outdoor experience - your dreams come true!

Culinary you will experience the Yukon in a delicious way. If it is Bison sausages with fresh bannock cooked at a campfire or a tasty Yukon style dinner in a rustic Wilderness Lodge ... a very delicious and special treat!

We strictly limit the number of guests per tour guide - this ensures the uncompromising quality of your holiday!


Day Trips

For you we plan unusual and exciting day trips. From easy hikes with great views and delicious, hearty Yukon-style lunch to multi-activity day tours with great opportunities for unusual Yukon travel photos!

Experience what YOU want!

Hug trusting sled dogs, ride on calm horses, learn interesting wilderness skills, and paddle a canoe on a calm lake. Take a fascinating floatplane flight, ride the spectacular historic railway, come with us on interesting sightseeing tours, observe First Nation carvers at their shops, bake fresh bread at the campfire, and perhaps see stunning Northern Lights ... explore and learn new things!

Multi-day Tours

In the north, we travel up high to the Arctic coast, with contact with locals that let you share their lifestyle. They want you to convey their values, and show you the beauty of their land, their Yukon. It is important for them to tell you their story and to let you participate in their culture and their lives - an unusual experience, intense and educational.

In the south, we experience the history of the gold rush in the Yukon - with all-wheel drive vehicles and a historic railway, by floatplane and on foot. This is a tour with many easy but interesting activities and intensive contact with locals at the original scenes of the Yukon gold rush.


A wonderful time of silence, peace, serendipity…

Equipped with warm Canadian winter clothes, you put in new snowshoe tracks in the fresh snow. At a remote frozen lake, you try your luck with ice fishing - and perhaps soon fry your fish on an open fire. And would not you like to experience how much fun it is with a husky team out on frozen lakes and rivers in the Yukon wilderness?

According to your wishes, we are planning for you day trips or multi-day activities: a flight with a bush plane on skis - landing on a frozen lake and enjoy a picnic, a ride on an all-wheel drive vehicle on the snowy South Klondike Highway to the White Pass on the border with Alaska. In addition, we hike with headlamps to the campfire at the viewpoint, waiting for the fantastic Northern Lights.

Yukon Quest

The 1,000 mile dogsled race – and you are there! In the middle of it!

Experience with us this amazing race in the Yukon winter wilderness as your individual VIP adventure.

For more detailed information about our Yukon Quest VIP tours, please go to: http://www.yukon-quest.com

Destination Yukon Weddings

Are you planning your very special Yukon wedding? On a mountaintop with an incredible view? On the shores of a beautiful Yukon lake? On a historic Gold rush train? A wedding with horses or sled dogs?

You tell us about your dreams and vision of your special day – and we organize your wedding for you!

Your guests want to discover and experience the Yukon. We will tailor make an adventure to suit your and your party's skill level and interest. A Taste of Yukon Adventures Inc. offers you a smorgasbord of activities that include snowshoeing, dog sledding and Aurora viewing, sleigh rides, ice climbing and snowmobiling.

In the summer, we offer hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing, sightseeing tours, ATV tours, floatplane and helicopter rides, photography courses and outdoor cooking classes. Stay overnight in a rustic wilderness cabin or enjoy gourmet dining in a beautiful wilderness lodge.

Your wedding ceremony will be officiated by Sheila Dodd of Wilderness Weddings. Sheila can also offer the wedding ceremony requirements, including champagne receptions in the wilderness!


Werner Walcher

In February 1982, I visited the Yukon for the first time - and was immediately charmed by this vast, wild and almost uninhabited part of Canada. The unusual beauty of this country and the warm and friendly Yukoners fascinated me.

I kept coming back to the Yukon, in summer and in winter. Since 1995, I have been living here with my family. Therefore, I know the country and the people of the Yukon very well.

My great passion for this wild and adventurous country – this is what I would like to share with you.

As a licensed Yukon Wilderness Guide, I offer you real and unusual Yukon adventure - with a comprehensive and personal service - and tailored to your wishes.

Come as a stranger – leave as a friend.



Werner, Thanks for the great adventure! Joe and I really appreciated the day by day personalized agenda. it really allowed us to enjoy Yukon fall colours at their best! We also enjoyed the personal and historical stories. They kept us laughing all week. -Catherine and Joel from Ottawa

We had an absolutely amazing experience thanks to Werner! It couldn’t have been better and would highly recommend him planning a Yukon experience to everyone! So personalized and perfectly well executed. Thanks again! -Kathy from Whitehorse

From the moment we contacted [Werner], we knew we had stumbled across something special. Confused about what to do in this land neither of us had visited we’d ask Werner a dozen questions and he would answer each one in a detailed and timely manner - yet never in a way that pressured us to use his services. It was the trip of a lifetime and we are grateful for everything Werner did to make our time in one of Canada’s territories so very memorable. -Lara and Markus from Germany and Dubai

Werner had come prepared with snacks including locally made caribou sausage, delightful ginger cookies, a smores kit, and the most soul-enriching tea I've had the pleasure of drinking. I would not have felt more safe or comfortable sitting around a bonfire in the middle of Yukon in very chilly temperatures with anyone else. I encourage everyone to spend time with Werner on their next adventure to the Yukon. As promised on the website, I came as a stranger and left as a friend. -Morgan from Calgary

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